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   Of all the bordering areas of our country, Kamchatka is one of the most interesting and exotic places. It combines a variety of unusual natural environments. In some places you can see an extending monotonous tundra, and just next to it - green forests. Such an exotic plant as the graceful fir can be of particular interest, it resembles in appearance a fir tree. It grows only in Kamchatka. On our planet Kamchatka is the only place, where the graceful fir has been preserved since ancient times (its age is about several millennia).

   Blossomy valley will dazzle your gaze, innumerable lakes are scattered everywhere, there are more than 100 thousand large and small lakes in Kamchatka. More than 14 thousand blue rivers, some of them with thunderous waterfalls, derive these lakes. The biggest river of the peninsula - r. Kamchatka (758 km). But the most impressive sight are mountain ranges, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. They expose many volcanic cones, their slopes are often covered with silvery snow and peaks are crowned with ice caps. In the middle of Kamchatka the Sredinny Range streches along the peninsula spine. The Eastern Range, which length is more than 800 km, is the most remarkable worth seeing place in Kamchatka, where unusually active volcanoes are located. In Kamchatka there is the world's only Institute of Volcanology, where a great job on the study of volcanoes of our country is carried out.

   In Russia only Kamchatka has another surprising phenomenon - the Valley of Geysers. It is located in the zone of active volcanoes. There is a lot of geysers and pulsating springs which attract the attention of both specialists and tourists.

   There are numerous bubbling springs in Kamchatka which come to the surface from great depths. They have much in common with the famous Caucasian mineral springs, as well as a rather well-known medicinal water at the resort Marianske Lazne in the Czech Republic.

   And what is more, wonderful people of different nationalities live in Kamchatka. Among them there are several ethnic groups who lived here before the arrival of Russian Cossack-explorers in the XVII century: Koryak, Itelmes, Chukchi. At the present day national camping grounds have been restored. Getting acquainted with the life and traditions of the indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula is very interesting.

   Kamchatka is great at any time of the year! We invite you to discover the land of the Raven Kutkh, touch the unspoiled wilderness and its mysteries and beauty. And we will help you with it!