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Unforgettable route

Table of tours categories of difficulty

Tours categories of difficulty

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Accommodation in comfortable rooms. Simple hiking routes across country, minimal outfit (backpack or without it).



Average level of physical training. Simple hiking routes across country, minimal outfit (backpack or without it).



Middle or high level of physical training. Hiking routes across country, outfit.



High level of physical training. Strenghth and speed endurance - high level, geographic area index, length of the route.


Unforgettable route

Type of tour

Difficulty level



car / water / hiking route


12 days / 11 nights





A unique place on the planet where volcanoes, the ocean, rivers and lakes, geysers combine with each other. This is a unique kind of holiday, which can give you Kamchatka as an unforgettable impression. An exclusive program that gives a complete picture of the nature and population of Kamchatka will pass in one breath.

In this tour you will visit South and Central Kamchatka. Active volcanoes: Mutnovsky, Gorely, Avachinsky will open for you their peaks, and the largest river of the Kamchatka krai — the Kamchatka river will give you an opportunity not only to find yourself in the wild, but also in places long time ago inhabited by mammoths and woolly rhinos.

The best introduction to Kamchatka you will get it during this tour!

Day 1

Arrival to Kamchatka, you will meet a representative of the tour operator at the Elizovo airport. Transfer to the hotel in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the first day you will have free time that can be devoted to rest after your flight. Supper. (In the evening you can enjoy Russian sauna - extra charge).

Day 2

Breakfast. Transfer to the sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Boat trip in Avacha bay with a trip to the Pacific Ocean - the world about which we know so little! During the voyage you will see monuments of Kamchatka nature: "Three Brothers", the island of Starichkov. Starichkov Island - is a water natural reserve, reach in puffins, loons, cormorants and other waterfowl. On this piece of land there are a few nesting places white-tailed eagles and seals rookery. You will have an opportunity to go fishing, and our diver will get from the sea a number of sea urchins - delicacies that you can enjoy right away for dinner. Dinner on board.

After the boat trip you will be offered a tour around c. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, at the end of which you will be transferred to the hotel. Supper. (In the evening you can enjoy Russian sauna - extra charge).

Day 3

After breakfast you will meet with the great Pacific Ocean, which will give you an unforgettable experience. The ocean is charming, stormy and rebellious! Its shore is covered with black sand, which is rich in magnetism and mafic minerals. Hear the ocean voice, collect souvenirs, get acquainted with Kamchatka tundra plants (cranberries, shiksha, stone bramble, wild rose thickets, birch, cedar).

Moving to the base located in the neighbourhood of village Thermal.  At the base there is a swimming pool with hot thermal water, where you can swim. Excursion to the Upper Paratun thermal springs, located on the slope of the hill Goryachaya, where the water from hot thermal springs flows down and form a natural bath in where you can swim. The water temperature in the baths is 35-45 C. Supper. Overnight at the base.

 Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer by an off-road vehicle to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano. Stop on the Vilyuchinsky mountain pass (about 1,000 meters above the sea level), where you can explore the area. Moving along the caldera of volcano Gorely to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano.

Climbing to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano: a small ascend of the hiking trail to the height of 1500-1600 meters - (a nice view of the caldera with the towering volcano Gorely. You will also see the huge stratovolcano Opala, and the extinct, highly diffused cone of the ancient volcano Asacha with four cones, interconnected by narrow sharp ridges). Excursion to the boiling mud pools, fumarole fields, giant glaciers. Observe safety rules when walking near the fumarole fields and thermal waters. Lunch - (sandwiches, chocolate, juice, water) and rest in the crater of the volcano. On the way back - excursion to the gorge «Ravine Dangerous». Dinner. Return to the base located in the neighbourhood of village Thermal. Bathing in thermal springs. Supper. Overnight.

Day 5

Breakfast. Transfer by an off-road vehicle to the foot of Gorely volcano. Moving along the caldera of volcano Gorely to the foot of Gorely volcano. The trail passes to the height of 900 meters - (2.5 - 4 hours and offers a good view for photographing). Lunch - (sandwiches, chocolate, juice, water).

Excursion to the craters of the volcano, there are 11 craters, some of which are filled with acid lakes, and numerous fumaroles arise from the walls. Descent to the vehicles. Dinner. Return to the base.

Bathing in thermal springs. Supper. Overnight at the base.

Day 6

Early breakfast. Transfer by an off-road vehicle to the foot of Avachinsky volcano. Arriving at the foot of  volcanoes Koryaksky, Avachinsky. Climbing Avachinsky volcano: the path runs along the western slope of the volcano, slag area (from 6 - 8 hours), at the altitude of 2000 m we arrange lunch - (sandwiches, chocolate, juice, water), climbing the young cone of the volcano to the top. The steepness of the slope in the apical part reaches 30 °. At the top of Avachinsky volcano we will go round the crater to the fumarole fields. You will have a beautiful view of Kamchatka landscape. In the north -  Zhupanovsky, Dzenzur volcanoes and the valley of the river Nalychevo; in the east - volcano Kozelsky, the Pacific Ocean; in the west - rises the massive cone of Koryaksky volcano; in the south - the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Avacha bay, volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Gorely, Mutnovsky, and in good weather you can see the snow-white cone of Opala volcano. Descent to the vehicle. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, overnight at the hotel

Day 7

Breakfast. Transfer to v.Kirganik (328 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).On the way a short stop in village Milkovo — Kamchadals, Russian and Itelmen cultural center, their traditions have had a mutual influence on one another. The village has three museums - (we will visit a kennel of sled dogs and ethno-cultural center "NYULTEN", an Even national house "Ochchen", a national structure for storing sour fish - "Udang", an Even yurt, as well as open-air cages sled dogs are situated on its territory). Transfer to v.Kirganik on the r.Kamchatka. The Kamchatka river is the largest river in the region, Kamchatka  (its length is 758 km and its catchment area is 55.9 thousand sq. km.), unlike other rivers of Kamchatka this one, on a large segment of its length, flows through the Central Kamchatka Plains and has a mountainous character only on the upper reaches. Start of the rafting on PVC inflatable boats with outboard motors. In the course of the rafting you can  fish for char, grayling, rainbow trout, kunzhi, as well as other types of fish. If possible, you can see the Kamchatka brown bear and wild elk. During the rafting tour you will be given fishing rods and tackle for sport and recreational fishing. Dinner by the campfire. Overnight in tents.

Day 8

Breakfast. Continuation of the rafting tour. Enjoy the sights of the Kamchatka krai. We will pass some places where people still find remains of mammoths (tusks, teeth), and a skull of a woolly rhinoceros was found there (the only one found in Kamchatka), which is stored in the Museum of the District House of children's creativity in Milkovo. All these make rafting incredibly interesting. Dinner. Finish of the rafting tour. Transfer by car to v.Esso -  administrative center of the Bystrinsky district - Kamchatka Switzerland, since it is located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains with snowy peaks and rivers flowing through the village. Esso is a favorite vacation spot of Kamchatka visitors. The village has an interesting ethnographic museum. Hotel accommodation. At the hotel there is a swimming pool with hot thermal water, where you can swim. Supper. Night in the hotel.

Day 9

Breakfast. A trip to the Even ethnographic village, visiting of the Ethnographic Museum of the Bystrinsky district (extra charge). Return to the hotel. Swimming in the pool with hot thermal water. Supper. Overnight.

Day 10

Breakfast. Transfer to the hotel in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way stop in Milkovo (dinner in cafe — must  be paid separately (from 250 to 400 rubles). Arrival to the hotel. Supper. Overnight.

Day 11

Free day, our guests can take a helicopter tour - flight to the Valley of Geysers, or choose an optional excursion according to their own discretion. The rest will go to the city to visit the fish market and souvenir shops. Hotel accommodation.

Day 12

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for departure.

Price includes:

Transfer according to the tour program, 3-course meal during the tour (hotels provide only breakfast), guide services, chef services, permissions to visit nature parks.

Price does not include:

Flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, optional excursion (helicopter or other), alcohol and tobacco products.

Necessary personal equipment:

  • small backpack for personal belongings;
  • durable footwear (hiking boots, boots with ribbed soles);
  • camp shoes (sneakers or slates);
  • windbreaker or windcheater;
  • flashlight;
  • means of personal hygiene, bathing accessories;
  • clothes (sweater, sweatshirt, leggings, socks, hat, gloves);
  • rain poncho or rain jacket;
  • sunglasses, sunblock;
  • bug repellent;
  • first-aid kit, gauze bandage for protection from fumarole gases;
  • alpenstocks desirable or trekking poles;
  • sleeping bag



  • Tourists while climbing carry their backpacks by themselves, taking with them only drinking water, snack, spare clothes, their backpack total weight is about 5 kg.
  • Movement along the route can be adjusted, based on the weather conditions, group physical training and other circumstances. The decision is made by the guide.
  • Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon volcano caldera are held in case of favorable weather conditions and must be paid separately.


You will see the untouched natural world of Kamchatka, which seems to be created for active recreation,

tourism, observing and photographing!